Greek 7 day sailing


hi everyone, im really wanting to do the 7 day sailing trip, and I was wondering if people go alone or if this trip is designed more for couples?


Hey Katy,

I was wondering the same thing! I’m looking to do the sailing trip and i’ll be travelling solo as well. What dates are you looking at? I’ll most likely be doing the May 28th-June 3rd or June 4th-10th trip.


I did a solo sailing trip through the french riviera last summer. The group was mostly singles! I think there was only two couples. If you’re travelling solo and looking for a fun trip the sailing is the way to go. Youll have a blast and make friends with everyone on the boat. I originally was signed on for the greek sailing but recently opted for the Greek island hopper instead this year. Good luck to you guys!


Hey! just wondering if you decided on the may or june trip? Im booked in on the 28th of may and I’m travelling alone also so if you are, I’m looking forward to meet you!


Hi Travis. I’m trying to decide between the Greek sailing trip and island hopper. I’m interested in knowing why you chose the island hopper over the sailing trip. Thanks!


As for me, that must be amazing! really :heart_eyes:


Hi Michelle, I chose the hopper over sailing only because I did a sailing trip last summer. I actually signed up for the sailing one and changed at last minute so I could tour Santorini. I will do the sailing one eventually. I’m on the hopper right now and it’s a lot of fun. A little more space as you are staying in hotels versus a sailboat