Greedy or Thrifty? How much is a good discount?


Hi all,

I’m planning my first solo euro trip. (Mega departing Aug 16 2016)
My travel agent tells me straight up that I get a 10% earlybird discount.

Sweet! but if that was THAT easy, does it get better?

Anyone else had a better discount?



Suss out prices with escape travel. I went through them and got a better discount again!


Thanks mate… care to share just how good a discount?
I’m genuinely suprised that in a budget co like this, I haven’t found many tips online on how to get the best deal. Like a travel expo or something.
anyone else?


Was the 10% early bird discount through Top Deck or your travel agent? I’m also wondering about better deals. I see they have 10% off certain trips at the moment BUT that’s only if you pay in full by the 30th of this month. I don’t know whether to book now or wait to see if a better deal comes up?


The discount was through travel agent but I ended up getting an extra 5% off by booking in travel expo week.