Greece to Turkey?


Hey guys I’ll be starting a tour in Istanbul, Turkey. However I will be in Athens, Greece before it starts. I’ve looked up airfares and they seem wayyy too expensive! I know that you can get a ferry across to Izmir, Turkey but I can’t seem to find anything from near Athens. Has anyone had any experience with something like this? Or know of any budget airlines that fly from Greece to Turkey? Maybe even a train?
Any ideas would be much appreciated!
Thanks :slight_smile:


Hey Tasha,
When you say really expensive what’s your budget. I have booked a flight from athens to istanbul with aegean airlines as I was in the same position. The flight was 98 euro which I think isn’t to bad. I had a look at ferries etc and decided the bit of extra cash was well spent to save time. I use to look at flights for over there as generally brings up the best value flights. Good luck with it.