Greece -Flotilla Sailing


Hey guys, Traveldude here dreaming again! Looking forward to hitting Europe in June for about 3 weeks. Some mates did a tour with Topdeck last year which they reckon was the bizz! The tour they did included flotilla sailing on 6 berth yachts around Greece which got my curiosity. I’m sick of being subjected to their holiday snaps showing (posing) sessions >:( So now it’s a definite[8]- 2005 is the year for me ;D So… anyone got any goss on this??? What’s the score with this sailing deal? Do any other companies have flotilla sailing included? From what I’ve heard so far Topdeck is the best way to go? Which tours have sailing included? [br][br]Cheers, TravelDude


Hi,[br]You are thinking about picking one of the bst tours around. I did the tour with Greek Island Sailing early last June and have never looked back. It kick started my travel plans for sure.[br]The trip takes in a few amazing cities before the sailing starts and if you haven’t travelled before, it is a great way to break up the trip - giving you some relaxing time on board the sailboats, to work on your tan, get to know the other passengers and swim in the gorgeous sea. You are grouped according to your sailing experience - which for me was zero. Not a problem though as I was put with other passengers that had sailed heaps and I even learnt a thing or two along the way. [br]Fresh bread is given each morning and dinners are spent at traditional local greek restaurants - you may even be invited to join in some greek dancing - how can you say no ![br]Overall the sailing was fantastic and a new experience for me. I have even got their brochure for this year and see that they do a sailing tirp that goes through Croatia - my travel days may not be over yet.[br]Cheers and I would get in early - my sailing trip was quite full.[br]Cheers and enjoy - Blondie…