[font=Comic Sans MS][/font][size=5][/size]hey, Me and a friend are going to be in Greece for the last week of august and the first week september- need general advise on where to visit and cheap places to stay etc ;D?cheers


We’re in Greece for the first two weeks of September- we’re doing the ‘Greek Island Hopping’ tour with Topdeck for 10 days and then catching a ferry to Ios, which is meant to be the ‘party island’ and a must-see according to friends of mine who went last year. They stayed at two places- the Far Out Hotel/Camping and the Ios Resort Hotel so that’s we’re we’ve decided to split our 4 days. Good luck with the organising, I think Greece is going to be great!


Hey jojo,

Which date does your Greek Island Hopper tour start? I will also be on a GIH tour in the 1st week of September :slight_smile:



Hey Emma,

Our Greek Island Hopping tour starts on the 4th Sept. Is that the one you’re doing? I can’t wait!


Hey jojo,

So close! but i’m doing the 28 August tour after doing the timeless trail. Its no too far away now!


I’m doing the Greek Island Hopper tour on 28 August too! Cant wait! :slight_smile:


Hey Zoe,

Thats great! I hadnt seen anyone else on our tour so far.

Are you going by yourself or with friends/family/boyfriend? I’m travelling solo. So excited!


Fortunately, I found this topic. Tháng 8-2010, and my family will have a trip to GREECE. I need to know more about this country. Hopefully, people share information. Thanks!