Greatest Parks of the US


Hi everyone,

I just booked onto this trip. This is my first time to mainland America and I can’t wait!

Is anyone else going?


I am going Sez! But I am going for LA to SFO California Calling on 30th June! I can’t wait for this and so pumped for my grand trip of the US! :slight_smile: I am sure your trip is better than mine one as it brings you to many national parks in the US :slight_smile:

I will go to Yosemite and Death Valley NP. :slight_smile:


Nice to meet you Kenny. :slight_smile: The tour I’m doing finishes on June 21, so are you doing the Greatest Parks and then California Calling?


Not sure If I have still have spare money! :slight_smile: Just do California Calling… But it still takes me some national Parks…It would be great. If I still satisfy the tour, I will consider Great NP Trip when I come to the States in my 2nd time :slight_smile: …Let me know about your trip…

How long will you stay in the states? My Tour will finish on 6th July in San Fran. :slight_smile: