Great White North Feb 24th 2019


Hey, I am travelling solo from Newcastle, Australia on the Great White North (Feb 24th). I am wondering who is on this trip?


Hey Abby my name is Jess. I am traveling from Brisbane and will be going on the same trip solo as well :slight_smile:


Hi I’m Hannah from London I’ll also be in the trip!


That’s awesome! I can’t wait to meet you both :blush: (Hannah, I was just in London in August!)


Hey, I’m Jorge from Mexico, I’ll also be in the trip!


Can’t wait to meet you guys too! It’s good we can get to know each other on here before we go


Hi, I’m from Port Macquarie and just booked the tour ! so bloody excited ! is anybody staying at the hostel earlier in Vancouver ?


Hey I’m travelling alone from Mexico but originally from Melbourne, AUS. Is anyone bringing their own snowboard? I’m undecided whether to bring my own or rent. Any tips/advice?


I am looking for Europe tour.