Great White North 20th Jan 2019


Hey, I’m travelling solo from Newcastle and wondering if anyone else on here is joining me on this trip? :slight_smile:


Heyyy, I haven’t booked just yet but am really considering jumping onto this tour. I am from Sydney, do you mean Newcastle in Australia or England? Haha


Hi, im definitely considering some solo travel as well either to Japan or Canada this coming snow season. Im from Port Macquarie NSW


Im from the sunshine coast in QLD. I haven’t booked this trip just yet, but definitely am very keen. I’ve done a contiki solo before and it was a really liberating experience. I’m definitely looking to make friends i can hopefully spend the trip with :smile:


Hey! You should its gonna be so good! Newcastle Australia :slight_smile: Would you be travelling solo too?


Thats so good to hear! I am too so let me know if you end up booking :slight_smile:


I think I probably will :slight_smile: I’ve just got to work out my finances haha… Oh awesome, I’m actually at Newcastle Uni! Yep I’ll be by myself too.


No way I go to Newcastle uni too, small world! Glad to hear from some other solo travellers :slight_smile: