Great White North 12th-21st Dec 2017


Hi! Just booked this tour along with Star Spangled Banner from 21st Dec-3rd Jan - wondering if anyone else out there is going to Canada on this trip! :snowflake:


HI, I have booked this trip from the 26th Dec - 4th of Jan!


So close! Our tours miss each other by 5 days!


Just booked this tour 12th December - 21st December with a friend - i see you’re from Perth too! gonna be amayyzzzing! :slight_smile:


I know I can’t wait! And I can’t believe you’re from Perth too - I swear everyone I meet when travelling is from Melbourne!


That makes three of us from Perth so far! Cant wait til they confirm the dates :slight_smile:


I’ve just booked this trip (12th-21st) and California Calling from the 30th. Can’t wait!


Hi, I’m also about to book this trip from the 26th-4th Jan! Exciting to see others going!


Im really wanting to book the Dec 26th till jan 4th trip but have never been skiing or snowboarding before haha! Thinking I might!


Hi, Just booked this trip 12th-21st Dec.


Also on the 26th-4th trip!


Hi! I’ve booked on this one too! I’m from Brisbane! :smiley: Can’t wait!


Yay me too! :smiley:


I’m also from brisbane :ok_hand:


I’m from QLD too, working out in central Queensland but sunny coast is my base!


I grew up on the sunny coast! :smiley:


Yay! :slight_smile:


Hi Chase From Brisbane Aus, anyone travelling solo from Brisbane?


Is anyone doing the 21st Jan-1st feb 2018 great white north?:blush:


I will be traveling solo from brisbane.