Great Eastern Feedback


Hi guys

We love to hear about your trips away with Topdeck so be sure to write on our forum upon your return or shoot us an email telling us about your experiences!

Here is a recent email we received from a passenger who travelled on the Great Eastern that visits Greece, Albania, Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Serbia, Hungary, Austria and the Czech Republic!


This year I took the Top Deck trip called The Great Eastern (which was the last half of the European Pioneer). I want to say that the professionalism of the Tour Director Robert Kercher and the Bus Driver Kosta Karis was some of the best I have ever seen. I have taken the following tours in my life
-Trafalgar (with my grandma)-2003
-Contiki 35 days all around Europe-2005
Contiki 14 days-Eastern Roads-2006
Contiki 21 Days-Scandi Russia-2006
Top Deck-Croatia Sailing-2010
Eastern Trekker-Bohemian Trek-2010
Top Deck-Pamplona-2010
Top Deck -Spain and Portugal (met the group who went from Spain and Morocco-2010
Top Deck-The Great Eastern-2010

So as you can see I have done a quite bit of tours in my life and this one ranked as the best. Not to mention the other ones were also great. But i much prefer Top Deck because of the destinations and cost basis. The group we had on the European Pioneer (Great Eastern ) was a bit of a crazy group, but Rob and Kosta proved to be able bodies to help us out and even go out of their way to show us things and take time out of their own schedules to attend to our craziness. I realize it was not easy going through these ex Yugoslav countries with the driving conditions but Kosta did a fine good job at getting us to places on time. Rob had a massive amount of history to add for all of the sites which was amazing. They both certainly did their research. Because of them I will be taking another couple (or maybe more) tours next summer based on what opens up with the new schedule coming out. These were sure fine tour managers and bus drivers and I was (as well as everyone else on the tour) very happy with the way they ran things. There was practically zero complaining the whole time (even with long bus drives some days). In my opinion these two should be at the tops of your company to promote tours.

I reckon that is all for now. Again thank you so much for the great summer, and ill be ready to book for next year based on my interests. And if you get a chance send a quick note to Kosta Karis or Robert Kercher wishing them a great job. Thank you for your time.