Great Britain & Ireland 17/4/16


Hey guys!

Just wondering if anyone else has booked this tour?

I am booked and travelling solo, really looking forward to it!

_Laura :smile:


Hey Laura! Im also booked on this tour and travelling solo.
So excited for it! :grinning:



I’m so happy to hear at least one other person is on this trip! Haha! I was getting a bit worried there…

Not long to go now, I’ve got a countdown going it’s about 88 days until I’m in London!

Where are you from? I’m from Sydney.


Haha same here - It was a relief to find your post!

It is coming around so fast - 91 days for me :grin:

I’m from Christchurch.

Have you traveled to the UK before?


I’ve been to London for 5 days on a bit of a whirlwind trip about 18 months ago, I didn’t get to see and do too much so I am getting really excited for the tour!
Other than that I haven’t done any other travel in that part of the world. What about you?
Are you doing anything else besides this tour?


I’ve never been to the UK before but have had a couple of trips through Italy and Greece in previous years. I think the tour is going to be great and hopefully we have a good group with us. I’ve never done a big group tour before so it is quite new for me!
I’m only planning to head over for about 4 weeks this trip, do the tour and then stay with a friend in London for about a week and then travel with her over to Paris to visit another friend.
How about you? Are you planning on visiting some more of Europe?


I’ve done a Contiki before in USA and the big group format is pretty good, Contiki was a bit wild for me though so I’ve heard Topdeck is kind of the best of both worlds - not too much partying and lots of sight seeing.
I’m actually doing a 2nd Topdeck tour. I leave for the 22 day Europe Uncovered 5 days after I get back to London after this tour! Hopefully I’m still in the tour mindset and not pulling my hair out by that point! I am doing some travelling by myself after both tours as well. So all up I will be over there for close to 9 weeks. Eep! Exciting! Haha!
Are you staying at the Best Western Burns Hotel in London?


Hey guys! :smile:
My partner and I are also doing this tour. This will be our first time out of Australia so we are both really excited! We are also doing the 31 day Discover Europe tour which leaves 4 days after we get back to London. So Exciting!! :smile:


Yay! We have more travellers!
Where are you guys from in Australia?


Yeah, I’ve heard Contiki can be a bit crazy!! Oh that’s awesome, you will get to see a huge part of Europe and such a good amount of time to go over, wish I could have gone for longer! Very exciting!! :grinning:

Yup im staying at the Best Western Burns hotel the night before and night after the tour, I only arrive in to London the day before the tour departs (but early) but fingers crossed no flight delays haha!


Hey welcome!!
I get the feeling I’m going to be very outnumbered as a Kiwi on this trip… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Hi everyone!

Glad to know that there are some more solo travellers on this trip-what a relief! :grinning:


Hey there - welcome! :smile:
Where are you from?
Cant believe we are less than 2 weeks from the start of the tour!


I’m from Melbourne, Australia :slight_smile:
So nervous and excited to head over, it’s way too close now!