Great Britain and Ireland!


Hi everyone!!

I am looking at doing the Great Britain and Ireland 14-day trip sometime next year and had a few questions for people who had done it before.

  1. Did you find you had enough time in each place? Obviously it’s covering a large area in a short amount of time, but did you feel you were able to cover everything pretty well?

  2. How many people did you have in your group? The page for the trip says 16-26, whereabouts was yours? And what was your age groups, couples? singles? (obviously will be different for each group)

  3. What was your fave part? Any bad parts? Would you recommend it?

I’ve done some small group (10ish people) with G Adventures before and loved them but they don’t have anything in the UK/Ireland so am looking here for that small group trip :slight_smile:


Hi there,

One of my friends did this tour last year and had a fabulous time! She said there was around 20-30 people on her trip.

I’ve booked in to do this trip next year in June

Hope this is helpful!



I’m thinking about booking an early June trip. I had a friend do one in New Zealand and she had a blast! I believe there were around 20 people or so there. I would love to know any details about this trip and get to know people who will be on the same tour.



Hi Sarah,

I’ve booked onto the Great Britain and Ireland tour leaving on 5th June 2013. I am super excited about going to check out the UK and the best part about this departure date is that it’s a guaranteed one :slight_smile:

Good luck with deciding!




Looks like I’ll be doing the June 5th one too! Going to book after payday. Guaranteed is a big plus. :slight_smile:



Hey Sarah,

How exciting! That would great if we were on the same one! I think it always is more fun to know some people who are doing the same trip :slight_smile:



5th of June here as well-see you guys there!


I have been planning for this trip for me and my friends but my problem is we only have 10 days for the whole trip. Will this be enough?


Hey Christian,

The is a 14 day tour, so I’m not too sure if your friend and you are able to join in late or leave early -this might be a question for topdeck staff to answer :slight_smile:

Good luck with finding out!



Hello again,

It’s great to start seeing some more people on here! (welcome daniel)

Christian, check out the “The British Isle” tour. It’s only 6 days, but starts on June 5th in London just as the 14-day tour does. Hope this helps a bit.



Have you guys noticed our 5th of June departure isn’t a guaranteed departure anymore?? :o


Hey Daniel,

I also saw this and emailed top deck about it. They told me it had never been guaranteed and wanted to know who had told me or where I had found out about this information. I informed them it has been advertised on this website when I booked this trip in September 2012! I must admit I was rather surprised when I saw they changed the guarantee to the trip before ours, as this was a major reason for me booking our one!!



Hmmm interesting response…I asked them on their facebook page last night and the reply I got back was “Hi Daniel, this could be due to a couple of reasons but likely that some people have pulled out of the trip.” So who knows, I’m going to fire off an email as well and see what version of events I get from them…


I saw that too…weird, because it was most certainly a guaranteed trip. I’d be interested to see what else they say.

Did a little research in the FAQs. Since this is an explorer trip “The group size is smaller, (average is 16) but group sizes will vary between 10 and 25.”

I still emailed them, too.


Hi Daniel and Sarah,

How are you? Just wondered if either of you had heard from top deck yet? I am glad that you both saw it was a guatanteed trip, as I was beginning to think I was imaging thigs when I was by told by topdeck it had never been so!!

I do agree with you Sarah about the group size being smaller on the explorer trips, so hopefully we’ll soon have some more travellers booked in with us shortly!! :slight_smile:

Looking forward to meeting you both in a few months for our trip!!!



Yep I’ve got a couple of emails from them explaining it. Check your PMs.


Hey guys,

Am super excited we have only six and a half weeks til our tour kicks off - yippee!!! I am hopeful our travel docs will come through shortly, which would be great!

Chat soon,
MerranAnderssen ;D