Great Britain and Ireland - September 23rd


Hi all!

Just looking for people who are on the Great Britain and Ireland tour that departs on September 23rd.

I hear facebook groups are good for this sort of thing.

Can’t wait to meet you all!



Hi Kelly!

I’m travelling on this one too! Great to “meet” you. I’m coming along alone so I am keen to chat to others going. How about you?



Hi girls

I’m on this tour too. I’ve been speaking with another girl whos one our tour as well.
I’m also travelling solo, I’m actually moving over to the UK.

Is this the only tour you two are doing or are you doing a tour of europe as well?
Can’t wait. Where abouts are you from?

Feel free to add me on facebook but please don’t mention the trip on my wall, just pm me.
My work doesn’t know im moving the UK yet and if they were to find out on facebook i would probably lose my job.


I’d love to add you and have a few familiar faces when we get there… Same deal for me - no mentioning the trip on my wall! Work too. But not as exciting as you! Wow! I will try Facebook and if not I will send you a private message on this.



Hey guys,

We (Victoria and CJ) are also going on this tour! Nice to meet you all :slight_smile:
We’re from Sydney, Australia and this trip is the last on our trip of Europe. Is there also a facebook group for this?

Vic and CJ


Hi Victoria and CJ!

This is great! A few of us are chatting on Facebook, but only using private messages.

I’d love if the two of you added me - email address is - that will help you find my Facebook account.

Looking forward to hearing from you!


Thanks Lauren,

Just added you now :slight_smile:


Awesome! Hi everyone! Thanks for the email address Lauren, I’ll look you up.

I’m travelling on my own after another tour that covers Cornwall and the South West of England and some spiritually significant landmarks, and a week in London - possibly seeing a band I know from Geelong! I’m from Colac VIC, by the way.

Should I make facebook group? Can it be “unseen” for those who can’t publicise their trip?

Can’t wait! Looking forward to meeting you all



Feel free to add me on facebook too. My email address is but on facebook it says kelly.legg.54@facebo​… I assume that means it goes to my private messages, but that should help you find me. I’m holding a koala in my profile picture :slight_smile: