GrandKiwi 16days southbound Dec 6th 2012


Heyy first time traveling, Looking to see who else is heading to the Kiwiland on the 6th December tour? Im so excited!



Hi Melanie,
I’m going going on the grand kiwi tour departing the 6th of December, too! I’ve never traveled before either - so I know how you feel! I’m unbelievably excited. I’m traveling by myself so I’d love to chat to others going on this trip before we go!


Hey Jess!!
Brilliant! good to find out someone else in the same boat!
im saving like hell right now, want to go sky diving in queenstown!
are you doing anything extreme over there?
Are you doing the rock the boat upgrade?
soo excited!!!



not long to go now!!! :slight_smile: ;D