GrandEuropean Aug 24th 2010


Hello :slight_smile:

August is coming up quickly, I can’t wait to escape Melbourne’s winter! Who and whereabouts are others coming from to do this tour?


Hi Fiona,
Ill be going on this trip with a mate of mine. We’re both from Melbourne. I think its 90-odd days to go…not that im counting :wink: But like you, I cant wait to escape this winter! When do you actually arrive in London?


That’s cool that you’re from Melbourne too! I leave in 8 weeks :)…arrive in London on July 15th. I’m doing a bit of study there and will probably check out some of Europe myself in between…im pretty sure i’ll need more than 2 days in Berlin.
How’s your organising for everything going…are you arriving long before the tour?


Hi Fiona,
Ill be arriving in London on the 18th of August and so far everything seems to be organised. Ive also booked for one of Top Deck’s Ocktoberfest tours in Munich for 5 days so that should be great fun too.
I hope your preparations are all in order and I look forward to meeting you on this tour :slight_smile: If you like, we could catch up before hand so that way we wont be strangers when we meet. Email me at:



Oktoberfest tour, that will be so much fun! it would be good to catch up before the tour, if some more people are there earlier too we could have a meet and greet drinks or dinner somewhere in London or if there are a lot melbournians going, a melbourne bon voyage. right I better hit the shops and decide on a wheelie suitcase/backpack…


Yeah me and a mate are also doing this tour
shall be great fun see yas all in a few weeks ay!


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