Grand Kiwi Tour ext Christchurch 08/04/16


Hi! Is anyone else doing the Grand Kiwi Tour from Christchurch on the 08/04/16!? I’m travelling on my own and was wondering if anyone else is as well?



To be honest I’m looking into it but i still have unanswered questions.
your going in March right? have you already booked it?


Hi! Yeah I’ve booked onto the Grand Kiwi tour that starts in Christchurch on 8th April 2016! Really looking forward to it. :slight_smile:


do you mind me asking for some information like flights and visas? they are my main 2 reason why i have not yet booked anything.


Hi! I’m not really sure about visas, I’m from the UK so don’t think I need them. I don’t think there are any flights needed for the Grand Kiwi it’s all bus! Sorry I’m not much more help.


Hi Rhiannon,
How are you? I will do the Grand Kiwi tour as well. I am already looking forward to it! Have you found out about others doing the tour together with us in the meantime?


Hi Kerstin

I’m good thanks how are you?! I’m really looking forward to it! No nobody else has said they are doing it at the same time as us yet. Not long to go now! Do you know any optional extras you want to do yet? I really want to do the swim with dolphins experience. Would be amazing!


Hey guys,

My friend and I are doing the Kiwi Encounter then too! Ours is the grand kiwi tour minus the last two days.

I am really excited about swimming with the dolphins too! We are pretty excited for the shotover Jetboating in Queenstown as well.

Look forward to meeting you guys



Hi Jess

Nice to hear from you! It’s going to be an amazing trip, can’t wait to meet you guys. :smile:


Hi Rhiannon/Jess/Kerstin

I am from Australia and am going to be joining you guys on the Grand Kiwi tour! I am getting very excited now - less than 2 weeks to go!

Are any of you travelling from Australia?

Caitlin xx


Hi Caitlin!!

Are you travelling solo as well? Glad there’s a few of us who won’t know anyone. It’s going to be so much fun!

Counting down the day til we get going! Is anyone in Christchurch for a few days beforehand? Im arriving 2 days early.



Hi again Rhiannon!

Yes I am travelling solo which I’m getting nervous about! But at least I know now that I’m not the only one! Haha
It’s reassuring that I have got in contact with at least one other person who will be in the group before we depart

I will be arriving at the pre-tour accommodation around midnight so I will only have a few hours sleep before the tour departs

Add me on Facebook if you like so as it is easier to chat - Caitlin Flint :blush:


Hi All!
I’m Nicole (25 from Melbourne)
I will also be going on this tour solo- looking forward to meeting you all :smile:
I have done one of these tours by myself before (49 days around Europe) whilst I was living in the UK and it was a lot of fun!


Also my facebook is Nicole Earle if you wanted to chat !!


Hi Nicole

Looking forward to meeting you next week! So excited to get going. :smile:


Hey everyone :slight_smile:

My friend Sarah and I are travelling from Australia and we also arrive at the pre accommodation late. Our flight arrives around midnight. Where are you travelling from Caitlin?

I cannot believe how quickly this has come around!

My Facebook name is Jess Emily if you want to add me to chat.

Look forward to meeting everyone soon


Hi Jess & Nicole!

So good to hear there are a few Aussies coming! Jess - my flight arrives at midnight!!! We must be on the same one…Are you departing from Sydney?
It’s literally only 3 sleeps away until we fly out

Talk to you all/see you all soon