Grand Kiwi Tour 20th Nov 2010? what shall I take?


Hey there… :slight_smile:

I am going on the Grand Kiwi Tour starting the 20th November, is anyone else?

Also can someone recommend what I should take with regards to clothes for that time of year?

I have to book into a hostel for the first 3 nights i arrive in auckland, can anyone recommend which one would be best? and christchurch for my last night in NZ…, any advice would be greatly appreciated…

Thanks …

happy travelling xxx


Hi Becky,

T-shirts and shorts are what I would recommend plus a medium weight pair of pants and a jacket. The Nth Island of NZ has similar weather to Australia, so averages 22-26C and the Sth Island averages about 20-25C. I was last in Milford Sound in Nov08, and it was 15C and WINDY (the winds come up from Antarctica), so you will need something that is wind proof. It will also get quite cool at night on the Sth Island. Take you swimmers, a pair of shoes that can get wet and good walking shoes. If you’re buyinjg new walking shoes, make sure you wear them at home first, or you will die when you get going.

The GBP buys 2NZD, so if you leave anything at home, you can always buy it there.

Also, take a lot of sunscreen, or buy some as soon as you get there. The Auckland City YHA is centrally located and costs about 25NZD (12GBP) per night in a dorm room. You could pay for a double room and not share and this is about 80NZD (40GBP) for a night.

I used to live in NZ, so if you have any other questions, let me know.

Cheers, :wink:


Hi Becky,

at that time year you will get a huge variety of temperatures. In the north island (especially Auckland) you will get four seasons in one day (rain, sun, wind) but it should be reasonably warm. In the south island it can get quite hot during the day but is usually cold at night. You shouldn’t need too many heavy clothes, as long as you can layer up with thermals etc. and have a wind breaker and rain coat. this is the hostel I would recommend for Auckland. It’s right in the middle of the city, less than 5 minutes walk to the sky tower :slight_smile: and here is a link for a Christchurch hostel,

Have a fantastic trip


Hi Becky,

I’m also doing the Grand Kiwi Tour 20th Nov. I’m from Sydney. :slight_smile: Never been to NZ … am really looking forward to doing this tour. It will be good to meet you!

Anyone else doing this tour??



Ill be there!