Grand Kiwi Tour 17 Jan 2012



Is anyone booked on the Grand Kiwi Tour - 17 Jan 2012? I’m coming alone from London, a little scared but cannot wait! X


He Hannah! I’m joining you on the Grand Kiwi 17jan! I’m also alone and I’m from Holland! Do you have facebook??


Hey Meral

Thanks for your reply :). Yes i have facebook, i should be listed as Hannah MacDermott.

Have you ever travelled before? x



I’ll also join you guys the 17 January. Coming alone from Sweden! :slight_smile:


Hey Petter

Hope your ok. Feel free to add me on fb. x


Sure! Just one minor problem… There is two people with your name, which one is you? haha :slight_smile:


Hey, sorry about that. My profile pic is of me and two friends. I am brunette in the middle!