Grand Kiwi Tour 16th September 2016 (Starting in Auckland)


Hey everyone.
I have recently booked to go on the Grand Kiwi Trip from September 16th (Auckland) to October 2nd (Christchurch) and was wondering who else was going on this trip to and if there were any extra activities that anyone would recommend doing. Super excited to jump out of planes and bungy jump off things with you all there. :grin:


Hey Andrew,
I’m booked for the Kiwi Encounter trip that starts on September 18th, so I guess I’ll be joining your group a couple days later :slight_smile:


Hi Astrid,
That’s great, i’m looking forward to meeting you on the trip :slight_smile:
Which sort of activities were you planning on doing on the trip?


Hey Andrew :slight_smile:
I’m not too sure yet, but definitely bungy jumping and the Fox glacier tour, what about you?


Sounds similar to what I was planning to do. Mainly looking at bungy jumping and sky diving. :airplane:


Im booked on the 7 day southern explorer so I think I will be joining you guys for the last week of your trip. Look forward to meeting you


That’s great! I can’t wait for the trip to begin :slight_smile:


Hey, I’m booked on the Grand Kiwi too. Getting excited.
Anyone booked the optional rock the boat tour?


Hi there,
Not long to go now, super keen for the trip! I’ve booked in to go on the rock the boat tour.