Grand Kiwi Southbound 29th of December


Hi, I am going on the Grand Kiwi Southbound departing on the 29th of December and would love to chat with anyone on the same tour ;D



I’m also going on Grand Kiwi Southbound departing on the 29th, i’ll be travelling by myself, so I would like to get to know some people on the tour before get over there.

hope to hear from you


Hello Hello,

A friend and I are on the Kiwi Encounter Southbound, which i think meets up with your tour on the way back through Auckland. I am already excited and it is still three months to go… :slight_smile:



Hey Everyone,

A mate and I are doing this tour, can’t wait it is going to be AWESOME!!! Only 80 days to go, can’t wait to go Bungee Jumping and Skydiving.



Hi everyone!

I’m also doing this tour. I will come all the way from France to New Zealand!
Can’t wait to meet all of you!



Hi Everybody…
The trip is getting so close… i’m getting excited… i can’t wait to meet you all and have fun on our adventure…possibly a little bit on bungee jumping and sky diving thrown into the mix…

I hope everyone has an awesome Christmas and an event better New Year as we will all be partying together… Woohoo :slight_smile:


its getting so close now!!! it feels like its taken forever to come around. I cannot wait to meet everyone.
see you all next week :slight_smile: