Grand Kiwi Reverse 10/11/11-28/11/11



Firstly I was wondering if anyone else was doing this tour and secondly what are the optional extras that we will be able to do/where can I find the information on them?




Hi Kathleen!

My best friend, Sorcha, and I are going on this trip :slight_smile: Can’t wait!!

I think we get a pack 2 weeks before the trip with a list of optional extras for the tour.

See you on the trip!




Yay, other people!

It should be great fun, I love NZ.


Also- we are both from Perth, awesome!


Have you been to NZ before? It’s my first time, can’t wait!! Haha! Yes we are, otherside of the globe but still Perth!


Yes, I have been twice before- once when I was 12 with my parents for a summer holiday, and once as part of my 21st present from my parents. I’m 24 now, so my last trip to NZ wasn’t that long ago.

The reason we are going is because my fiance has never left Australia before and he suggested it and organised it primarily by himself and I’m fully supportive of ensuring he gets the travel bug! I’ve done a lot of travel (including to your Perth) and have lived overseas so I really hope it is something we will enjoy together, and continue to enjoy for the rest of our lives.


Awesome! It seems like a really good trip, a good place to start off for his first trip. It will be my first time crossing the equator, so pretty excited! I’m travelling with my best friend and it will be our first major trip, we will both be 20 when the tour starts. We are spending a month in Australia before hand going on another topdeck tour, the Grand Aussie, then coming home to Scotland via New York:)
That’s pretty cool that you’ve seen Perth, Scotland! When were you here? Do you have Facebook? We should set up a group for everyone that’s going!:slight_smile:


I have sent you a Private Message. Sorry for the slow reply- things have been crazy at the moment!


Hi Guys,

Hopefully booking this trip sometime this week-just waiting for work to confirm dates etc!! Trip looks incredible, really looking forward to it!




Hey Matt:)

It does look incredible! Really can’t wait! Hopefully you will be able to get the time off. Have you been to New Zealand before?



Hey Sophie,

No, never been to New Zealand before, have been to Australia and America so gonna be a new experience for me too!! Work have agreed the time off so all looks good for November, just need to sort Flights out etc!!!

Are you doing the Rock the Boat upgrade option?? Have you met anybody else??



Awesome! :slight_smile:

I’m not sure I was going to see what everyone else is doing!I don’t think we have to decide until we get there…

I’m travelling with my best friend, so I’ve met her obviously! But apart from that ive not met anyone. Are you travelling with anyone or going solo? Have you got Facebook to?

Fingers crossed you get your flights sorted!:slight_smile:



I’m going solo!! Always a good wat to meet new people!!

Yeah, i’m on facebook, search for Matt Titheridge and i’m the one with about 13 people running on the beach!!!

Just started looking for flights, pretty expensive and not looking forward to the mammoth amount of time sitting on a plane but will be worth it when we get there!!


Hi Matt and welcome!
I hope it is ok if I add you on facebook too.

Yay, this should be a really great trip!

My fiance and I are doing the rock the boat upgrade, but I’m not 100% sure it will be worth it- we’ll have to wait and see!


:slight_smile: Hey all,
Im going as well!! not long to go yay!! anyways whos arriving day before hand the tour starts???


Hey everyone,

Booked this trip earlier today as it looks absolutely amazing. Massively looking forward to it, can’t wait!



Hey Guys!

The trip looks awesome:D I can’t wait… Have you two been to NZ before??

Can’t wait to meet you!



Hey Sophs,

The trip does look awesome!

I’ve never been to New Zealand or Australia before (heading there first to do the Island Suntanner trip). Really can’t wait for it to start but definitely not liking the flight times out there. =(

It would be awesome to meet up a few days before the trip begins.



Hey Sopha,
yey the trip sure does look amazing!!! :slight_smile: seriously i cant wait most of friends and family have been to nz they said it such a beautiful place, so yes its my first time!! how exciting???!!

Hey Guy,
haha what time are ya flights?? cos i dont like sound of it lolz!! anyways Australia is an amazin place lol not becos i live there but the part u are going cairns to sydney is so warm and pretty I love it up there (i live in melb where the temp changes to cold to warm lol) i did same trip last yr but with contiki and had amazing time!! u will enjoy it, if u didnt tell me lol and i will be like why not!!! anyways See ya


Hey Guy and Kat:)

My best friend and I are going to Australia first too to do the Grand Aussie:D I’m not liking the flight times either!! Going to be a long journey… Especially cos my best friend, who im travelling with hates flying!!!

Are you guys doing Rock the Boat?? Do you have Facebook?:slight_smile: