Grand Kiwi (incl. Bay of Islands)- Dec 16th 2017 - Jan 2nd 2018


Hi Guys,

I know it’s early but I thought I’d create a thread for other solo travellers (like myself), or anyone booked on this tour, to chat and air any questions prior to the tour :smile:



Hey Rachel I’m doing this trip however I’ll be joining up 2 days later I’m doing the 16 day kewi encounter so when you guys get back from bay of islands to Auckland that’s when I come in haha.

I’m Joey by the way. :slight_smile: and yes I am traveling solo haha where you coming from?


Hi Joey! I’m coming from western qld (: yourself?


Western Queensland? Damm where bouts? I’m from Sydney haha add me on Facebook if you have it that is lol


P.s I’m so excited haha can’t wait