Grand kiwi (from Auckland) 20 March - 5 April 2016


Hi, is anyone else going on the Grand Kiwi on the 20th of March 2016? Would be great to “know” someone before as im travelling alone!


Haha, that’s my plan as well. But I’m going to arrive in Auckland on 06/03/16 for business language school. One day after the tour I’m going to fly to Nadi for one week island hopping.
How long are you going stay?


Annali: Where do you come from?


I’m from Germany. Where are you from? And how old are you?
Only 8 weeks to go :smile:


I’m from Denmark, 20 years old. How old are you?
Yeah, i’m so excited :smile:


I’m 23 years…that’s amazing! I’m so excited too. Can’t wait to start! Are you staying longer than the tour?


I’m only going to stay one more night in Christchurch, and next morning i’m travelling to Nadi at Fiji :sunny:
What about you? :smile:


Oh, i’ve just read that you’re going to Nadi the day after the end of Grand Kiwi as well, how funny! :smile:


Hi my name is Stacey im 19 from Australia. me and my friend Sarah will be on this tour as well. :smiley:


Awesome! Already 4 :sweat_smile: Is it your first time in NZ?


Yeah it’s my first time, but my friends Sarah has been before and I just realised I made a typo in the last post I’m 18 not 19 haha.


It’s my first time in New Zealand as well. Right now i’m on a 28 days backpack adventure in Australia. I’m arriving in Auckland at 19th of March :airplane: