Grand Kiwi (ex Christchurch) 28 February 2017



Just wondered if anyone was doing this trip? Just booked my flights!

I think the Southern Explorer starting Christchurch on 28 Feb is part of this as is Northern Explorer trip starting Wellington 10 March, so say hi if you’re on either of these as well!



Hey! :slight_smile:

i do this Tour as well.
Glad to meet you!

It’s my first trip to NZ & my first solo-travel… I’m soooo excited! Can’t wait to go…



That’s great… I thought I was on my own!

It is my first time to New Zealand but I have done some solo travel with group tours before and always enjoyed them.

Have you got the app? We can chat on there :slight_smile:


Sounds Great!
Yes, I’m now on the App!:slight_smile: