Grand Kiwi (ex Christchurch) 24th Feb -14th March 2019


I thought I would get the ball rolling as there doesnt appear to be a topic for this tour date yet :blush:

Im Matt, from Perth, Western Australia and traveling solo … I have been wanting to check out NZ for a long time and the opportunity now presents itself.


I’m Marisa! Canadian living in Melbourne. Will be coming on the trip with my friend Megan.
New Zealand has been on the bucket list so I’m pretty excited to finally be going.


Awesome !!
1 month and 11 days to go :star_struck:
Have you both coming along for the “rock the boat” optional excursion?


We haven’t decided yet, thinking we might. Are you?


Yeah, Ive booked the for the boat tour :smile:
Have been busy saving for the optional activities to, so many choices!
Have you got more travel planned after the tour?