Grand Kiwi - ex Auckland - March 26th


Looking for anyone doing the round the kiwi land trip! :slight_smile:


Hi - I booked this trip this week. Not long now!


I know!! Where are you from? :slight_smile: Are you doing anything before or after?



Hi Gwen.
I’m from the UK. Where are you from?

I’m doing the island suntanner tour in Australia on the 5th March to 18th March. Having a few days in Cairns then 4 days in Auckland before starting the Grand Kiwi tour. What about yourself? Any other tours booked?



Hi Claire!

I’m from Canada!

I wonder if we’re going to overlap tours at all because I"m doing the beach and bush tour, which is a combination of the Island Suntanner and one of the Outback tours. When I finish that, I fly straight from Alice Springs to Auckland with one day in between starting the Grand Kiwi one!

When are you arriving in Australia / Sydney?



I’m arriving in Sydney on the 4th only one day before the tour. The tours must overlap which is great.
Are you using the Topdeck App? You can chat to anyone in your tour group with the same booking reference on it which is useful.


Oh nice! I have the apps but no one has seemed to log on/check in to either of my tours! :frowning:

Maybe we’ll be the only ones! aha


Haha. I know there are at least 2 others on the Australian tour.


NOh nice! I tried to find you… there’s a lot of Claire Mortons from Coventry ahaha I’m under Gwen Hunka if you want to try and find me?