Grand kiwi ex auckland. 23rd Feb - 11 March


Just wondering if anyone’s booked in for this trip. I’m coming from Adelaide, Australia. Looking fowards to get to know some people to get excited with!


I’m on this trip! I’m coming from Melbourne! Just under 110 days - YAY! Can’t Wait!!


Woow! This is exciting! Do you have the top deck app? Chat on there?


I think I might be with you guys but joining up with the group on the 25th as I’m just doing the Kiwi Encounter! Cannot wait! I’m travelling alone so a little nervous so I’m keen to make friends beforehand :blush:


Hello Maddison! I don’t think you can be in our chat on the app, i think the app works by booking code :frowning: so feel free to add me on facebook. Kala Mccoll Im from Adelaide. Happy to have a chat! Can’t wait!


Hi Maddison. Lovely to hear from another Top Decker. I too am like Kala and doing the Grand Kiwi. Where are you from?


Hi Kala! I can’t find you on facebook, here’s the link to mine
Thank you, can’t wait for this exciting adventure :slight_smile:


Hello! I’m from Rockhampton, QLD :slight_smile: feel free to add me on facebook if you like, I posted the link in the comment before to Kala.


Oh lovely. I know many people from Rockhampton. I will get onto Facebook shortly :slight_smile: Under 100 days! Cannot wait :slight_smile:


Hello! I’m from Canada and I will be on the Grand Kiwi as well. Looking forward to meeting you all, can’t wait :slight_smile:


Hey! Wow Canada! That’s amazing, will be great to chat. Do you have the topdeck app? Sign in and we can all chat. :laughing:


Oh lovely. Yeah jump on the app :slight_smile: Cannot wait. Under 90 days to go!


hey guys,
I was travelling with a friend. but shes had to pull out for personal reasons.
I am now travelling alone, which is new for me. I am from Brisbane, and Im doing the full 17 day trip.
I have done the northern island part of the trip before. and was doing the full 17 day originally as my friend hadn’t been to NZ before. I am looking forward to going again.
so If you want to know some of the awesome activities. I enjoyed all the ones that I did, and my friend who I travelled with last time loved the activities that she did too.


Hey Zoe! Have you got the app? We are all chatting on there. Under 90 days until we are all in paradise. :heart_eyes: can’t wait for the boat trip on our first night. Did you do that when you did the north island? Rock the boat trip. What else did you do over there?


Hi Zoe! Lovely to chat to another TopDecker! Almost 80 days now Kala :grin: Cannot Wait! Sorry that your friend had to pull out but glad you’re coming none the less! We are all your friends!! :slight_smile: What are your recommendations and tips from last time? I have done the South Island so know how beautiful New Zealand is! xo


Hi Guys,

I’m Fiona! I will also be on the Grand Kiwi tour leaving from Auckland on the 23rd of February. I am coming from Scotland, so pretty much the other side of the world! It will be my very first time in New Zealand, so I’m really looking forward to meeting all you guys & having a great time on the tour!


Hey Fiona! Wow Scotland. That’s incredible, big flight ahead of you. Are you doing the rock the boat over night cruise on the first night? I can’t wait to meet and get to know everyone. Jump on the top deck app and we can all chat.


in the north Island In Paihia (1st 2 nights), I did the hole in the rock cruise and my friend also did paragliding. I thoroughly enjoyed it and so did my friend. this time im doing the rock the boat, as I missed out last time.
in Rotorua, I did horse riding (which was not offered until the bus ride there), and the Hobbiton, The hobbiton was awesome, really fascinating, worth the money I paid. my friend did white water rafting and so did a lot of others.
we also did Zorbing on the way to the Maori Marai thing as we had some time to kill.
She also went to the Mud spa pool place.
The Maori Marai, was a wonderful experience, and I cant wait to do it again, I believe they go to the same family although im not sure. but It was a experience I would never forget, put it that way.
in Tongariro, there isn’t much to do, apart from a few short walks and there is a longer walk too. But I spent the day chillaxing in the lodge.
When we got to Wellington, there were people that left (including myself in that instance), but there were people that went to the museum where they have all the props from the hobbit and lord of the rings movies.
I have heard from my friends who I travelled with last time, that the South island was full of wonderful things too.


Hey guys. Zoe Again.
Anyone getting to Auckland on the 22nd (day before) wanted to meet each other before. and hang out.
im really nervous about travelling on my own.
Im staying at the ibis hotel.


I’m super nervous about travelling alone too! And the fact I’m meeting up with the group two days later since I’m only doing the kiwi encounter. I’m staying at the Ibis too though but I don’t arrive until late at night on the 23rd! Should be good though. It’s coming up so quickly!