Grand Kiwi (ex Auckland) - 20th Jan 2018 to 6th Feb 2018


Hi! Might be a bit early but just wondering who else has booked this trip! It’ll be my first solo trip and I’m looking to get to know some fellow travellers before leaving!


Hi Bian…!
Went on the same trip back in NOV 2015. You’ll have heaps of fun and make lotsa new friends. ROCK THE BOAT optional is a must-NOT-missed experience. And of course, if you are a fan of Lord Of The Ring, a trip to HOBBITON… <3


Lord of the rings ftw hahah I’m doing this in mid December/late December can’t wait I’m also a solo traveler it’s gonna be rad I 100% garentee pull have a ball :slight_smile:


Hi :slight_smile:
I am on this tour, I toured America last April with topdeck and it was awesome so I’m really looking forward to the tour :slight_smile:


Hi I’m joining this tour in Christchurch. It’s my first trip to NZ despite it being so close to Australia. I can’t wait!



I think I’m also joining this tour in Christchurch! Do you join on the 31th of January?


I join 29 January :slight_smile: