Grand Kiwi, departing 31/10/17


Hey guys!
I’ve just booked this trip from the 31/10/16 - 16/11/16 ex. Auckland.
I’m travelling from Melbourne!
Who’s joining me? :grin:


Hey! I will be joining you from Sydney. Are you travelling solo too? :relaxed: Can’t wait!


Hey Erinna,
Unfortunately I’ve now had to change tours as Top Deck told me 5 days after I had booked that it was booked out. I am now leaving the 31st October. Have a lovely holiday! x


Hope you have a great trip! :slight_smile:


Hey! I think i might be joining you. Atleast for the first part. Im doing the northern explorer which is only 7 days but they said it was part of the grand kiwi in the travel book :blush: Im also departing on the 31st and from melbourne.


Cant wait!
Do you fly out in the morning or afternoon?


I fly out sunday night. Get in to new zealand at 5 am on the monday.
I was hoping to go early arvo, but now i have a wedding to go to on the saturday so had to change plans.


Oh okay! I’m flying out about lunch time on Sunday :blush:


Im so excited! Wish i could of gone up earlier but oh well. Are you staying at the ibis?


Yeah bit of a bummer! I sure am!