Grand Kiwi December 28th 2016 - 13th Jan 2017


Hi guys,

Just looking for anyone who is booked in to this trip? December 28th 2016- Jan 13th 2017 :slight_smile:

I will be travelling with my sister and just wanted to start chatting to anyone who will be on this trip with us. I am looking at setting up a closed Facebook group for this trip as an easy way to communicate.

I know this is quite early so may not get a reply for a while. Looking forward to meeting you :slight_smile:


Hi there!

My friend Christina and I are about to book this tour as well!

Are you thinking of doing the “Rock the Boat” upgrade also?

So excited to meet everyone! :smile:


Hey :slight_smile:

That’s awesome! I’m so excited for it…

We were looking into it but the other activites and hotel looks good so may give it a miss…still deciding…

I have just made up a closed Facebook group if you and your friend want to join? :slight_smile:

Here is the link…

Let me know if that doesn’t work :slight_smile:

p.s where are you from? We are from Perth, Australia


Hey there!

I am still unsure about the Rock the Boat upgrade. I am not completely sure what is it.

Thanks for the Facebook group add. I have also added the girl I will be travelling with.

We are from Wollongong in NSW.

Hopefully there will be some more travellers on this forum soon! :smile:


Hi there!

I’m Bridie, I’m from Adelaide :slight_smile:

I haven’t booked yet, but I’m super keen to go to NZ over the summer uni break. I was looking at the Grand Kiwi today, it seems pretty cool! Are there other options for Day 5 (NZ Sports Academy)? I broke my ankle 6 months ago so I can’t run anymore unfortunately!

Were you guys starting in Auckland or Christchurch? :smiley:


Hi Bridie,

You should def book, it looks awesome! :slight_smile:

Not sure if there is anything else to do instead of the sports academy, but looks like we will be doing other activities during the day anyway. You should be able to still participate, just not run :slight_smile: It won’t take up the whole day anyway so all good. There may be others that don’t want to do it so sure you can sit out and watch if you like.

We are leaving from Aukland. Really excited :slight_smile:

If you end up booking, feel free to join the Facebook group I made…it’s a closed group for people on this tour :slight_smile:



Hey everyone!

I’ve booked into the Kiwi Explorer in November, so sadly I won’t be joining you! Hope your trip is amazing though! :smile: :smile:


Hi there,

my friend and me are doing this tour too, we are very exciting about this trip.

Where do you start? We start the trip in Auckland :slight_smile:


Hey guys

I am doing the Northern Explorer staring the same day from Auckland. judging by your comments i should be on the first half of your trip.

I have sent a request to join your fb group.

Look forward to meeting some of you in a month.



Hey Guys, Im also doing this tour with 3 other girls and have only just looked on the website, I have requested to be apart of the facebook group! Can’t wait to meet you all! My friends and I booked to do the Rock the boat, Our travel agent recommend it and said it would be amazing ! so look at booking it guys cant wait xxx


Hi Everyone:

I am going on this trip in March and just wanted to know how your trip went? I was wondering what optional trips you did and if you would recommend them? I was also wondering how your packing went. Is there stuff you took and would rather have left home and is there stuff you wish you had packed?

Jessica :smiley:


Hey Jessica :slight_smile:
It was sooo amazing! I would definitley do the heli hike if you caan…expensive but unreal!

I would take some warm clothes for sure as it got quite cold at times…but also take some summery clothes too.

Everywhere was amazing! I really enjoyed the Hobbit tour also :slight_smile: From what the others said pretty much all the optional activities were worth it…except for the face walk along the glacier as people said they couldn’t really see anything cause you just go to the base…

Also go to fergburger or however its spelt…thats in Queenstwon.

Hope you have a great trip!


Thank you so much for the advice Crystal! I will be sure to follow it. Glad you had an amazing trip!


I read your blog. And its really informative article. But in this weather you can plan Australia. This is nice place.:slight_smile:


I’m doing this from the 17th of December till January 2nd :slight_smile: