Grand kiwi august 20


:-* hey guys im jumping on board this exciting adventure leaving august 20th from auckland! not to long to go now…anyone on this tour?


Hi kayt, I am going on this tour and cant wait, one month to go, its so exciting. :slight_smile:
When do you get into Auckland?


hey! im gettin so excited too! i arrive in on the 19th im staying at the backpackers! what about you?


Hi sorry, had no internet to write back. I am the same get in on the 19th and am staying at the backpackers also. We will have to try and meet up when we get there. :slight_smile: Were are you flying in from? Two more sleeps i am sooo excited. :slight_smile:


Salute you! This the peregrination is will very interesting and I know here overabound the thing to explore.


Hi KAthleen and Kayt…

I see you went on this tour on the 20th August, how was it? I am looking at going on the 20th november. would be great to have a personal review of this tour? also just wanted to know roughly the age of the people on this tour.

Thanks Becky x