Grand Kiwi 9th of Aug


Hey, doing the grand kiwi tour on the 9th of Aug.
Am travelling alone so it would be great to hear from someone who is on it as well.



Hi Lynne

I think you contacted me on FB. I am on the northern explorer which is the first few days of the grand kiwi. So excited i leave for NZ next week for my coz wedding before the tour!! Apparently it is freezing cold at the moment! :slight_smile:



Hey Sam, yes I think I did…thanks for replying at least now I know someone!!:slight_smile:

Have just arrived in Auckland today and cant wait to have a look around.
Am from Ireland so this weather is pretty much the same as back home (even in the summer!)

Anyway enjoy the wedding and see you on the tour (if I dont bump into you before:))