Grand Kiwi 9th July


Hi all,

My name is Mitch, I’m coming from Australia and I’m booked for the grand kiwi starting on the 9th, just putting feelers out to anyone going a few days early (as I am, the morning of the 7th). Just wanting to explore Christchurch a little before heading off on our trip.


Ps any advice on what to/not to bring would be helpful as it’s my first trip overseas


Hey @Mitch-Joslin! My names Danna I’m leaving from Adelaide and I’m going a day early too, I’m arriving about midnight on the 7th :slight_smile:


@Danna_Hobart Awesome!! If you wanted to meet up before the trip that be great. I wanted to explore the botanical gardens and museum but then I was going to just let the day take me where it does.