Grand Kiwi --5th July, 19 days!


Hey guys,

Whos with me on the grand kiwi tour the 5th of july?? :slight_smile:


Just booked. Can’t wait ;D
Will be an amazing trip


YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! haha im so excited! Im Amy by the way… nice to meet you ;D ha! are you travelling alone?!


You too Amy. I’m Karolina from Alice Springs (near Ayers Rock)
Yep I’m traveling solo
Are you just going to NZ or are you going to travel around Oz too?
It is going to be soooo cold. I can see myself complaining about it a lot lol


Well im startin my travels on may 31st, going to canada and fiji before NZ,
Then after our NZ trip, im headin to Sydney on a working holiday,
I hope to travel around alright :slight_smile:
Gonna be cold? oh dear, i was expecting maybe 18/19 degrees?
I shouldnt worry, im well used to the cold,im from Ireland haha! :slight_smile:
I really cant wait, have so much to organise before i leave though! ha!


Hi Amy. Hope your all packed and ready to go. Not long now. Sounds like you have a massive holiday planned, good for you

I’m cold when it gets below 30 so I’m not too sure why I’ve booked a holiday to go to the snow. I bought a snowboarding jacket the other day. I plan to become a master snowboarder by the end of the trip… or at least have a general idea of what I’m doing.

Have you heard of zorbing? I saw it on topdecks facebook page. Google it, I am down for that


I’ll be joining this tour in Chirstchurch! And going around South Island! Would love to meet you guys!