Grand Kiwi 4/1/17 - 20/1/17


Anyone else on here going on this trip? I’m traveling solo and would love to get to know some people before the trip! :smile:


Hi Kelly,
I’m going on this trip, though only the south island up to Wellington, and I’m travelling solo as well :slight_smile: So where are you from Kelly?



I am going on this tour with my partner! We are both very excited and never been before!


Awesome! So glad that I have finally found people!
Why are you leaving early? Have other travel plans?
Is this your first time travelling solo? It’s mine - safe to say I’m a bit nervous but mostly excited!!
I’m from Sydney, what about you? :slight_smile:


I have never been to New Zealand either! I think this trip is going to be perfect to get to see everything :slight_smile:
Where are you from? and what place are you most excited to visit?


This is my second time travelling solo, and second time to New Zealand. I did the North Island half of the tour from Auckland to Wellington a year ago, so i’m going back to do the south island this time :slight_smile:
I’m from Adelaide, and I was nervous/excited my first time as well, but you’ll have a great time!


I’m from Canberra, what about you? I am so excited to go to Queenstown. We are going to go bungy jumping and everything. What aboUT you?