Grand Kiwi 31st Jan - 18th Feb 2012



Is anyone on the Grand Kiwi tour 31st Jan - 18th Feb 2012? I’m on this plus the Island Suntanner 7th - 20th Jan 2012…

Get in touch if you’re on these trips ;D




I’m on this trip along with my twin brother.

Did the island suntanner last year it was awesome, you’'ll have a great time.



Sorry I’ve not been on here, just saw your reply. I leave in 11 days, so excited but also very nervous!!

Find me on Facebook, Annaliese England.




I think our tours may join up part way - will u be in christchurch on the 10th? My tour (southern explorer) makes up part of the grand kiwi so if ur in christchurch on the 10th that would make ur day 11 my day 1 :slight_smile:

Have fun on ur suntanner tour Annie & hopefully meet u, Richard & his brother in a few weeks!

Claire :slight_smile:


Hi Claire

Looks like it is, we leave Christchurch on the 10th to go to Lake Ohau??

Hope u’re looking forward to your trip, I’ve had such an amazing time on the Island Suntanner and hope Grand Kiwi is just as good :slight_smile: add me on Facebook.