Grand Kiwi 17th Sept or Grand Aussie 4th Dec 2010?


Hiii all,
I’m travelling alone on the Grand Kiwi 17th Sept and the Grand Aussie 4th Dec 2010. If anyone else is going on these tours, give me a shout, it would be good to get to know each other before the tour :slight_smile:

any relevant advice also welcome!!

Anna ;D


Hi Anna, my names Rosemary, I am also travelling alone on this trip. B-) Where are you staying before it or when do you get into Auckland?
Rosemary ;D


Hello Rosemary!!
I’m so glad you replied! I’m arriving in Auckland a day before on the 16th September and staying in Nomads backpackers, the designated hostel and staying a night at Base Backpackers after the tour in Christchurch before flying back to home to Melb on the 2nd October. The tour fits perfectly in mid-semester break which was pretty lucky ;D

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??? :slight_smile:



I’ll be travelling on the Kiwi 13 day explorer departing the 19th from Auckland. Maybe our tours will share the same itenarary for the 13 days my tour takes. I will alo be in the Nomads hostel in Auckland the 17th and 18th and in the Base hostel in Christchurch for one night after the tour. I have a flight on 2nd of October to Melbourne from where I will be travelling the eastcoast on my own. Would be great to meet you all!!!