Grand Kiwi 16days southbound nov 6th 2012


Hello everybody. Me and my wife are heading for the Grand Kiwi Southbound tour starting from Auckland on the 6th of November. I did not notice a topic about this particular tour so here it is!

If someone is heading in the same direction as we, please do leave a post. It would be nice to know something about the people we’re travelling with for 16 days.

Greetings from sunny Finland! B-)


Hi All

Myself and my friend are also booked to go on this tour and can not wait :slight_smile: Im sure it will be an amazing experience!


Hi Everyone

I’ve also just booked onto this tour, should be unreal!

Looking forward to meeting you all.



Hello everyone,

My cousin and I will be joining you for the 16 day tour. Its our first time traveling overseas, and we absolutely can’t wait!
Look forward to meeting you all!

-Ashley (and Alyssa)


Cannot wait to go on holidays, going to be a blast
Is anyone doing the ‘rock the boat’ addition too?
xoxox -Kate


Nice to know that we’re not the only ones who are participating, only about four weeks to go. :slight_smile:
And on our behalf, no, we didn’t take the ‘rock the boat’ -thingy. Even without it, I think there’s still plenty to do.

-Roope & Sara


My husband and I will be joining the tour in Wellington on the 13th. Looking forward to the tour and meeting everyone :slight_smile: