Grand Kiwi 12th June - 29th June 2017


Hi guys! I’ve just booked to go on this tour! Anyone else coming along? :slight_smile:


Hi, I am booked in to the Northern Explorer starting 12th June. I’m pretty sure I’ll be with the Grand Kiwi group for the first week. :slight_smile:


Awesome! I think you will be!! Will you be doing the rock the boat tour for the first night? I’ve booked in to do it :slight_smile:


Yeah I am doing the rock the boat tour. Not much longer to wait for the tour now which is exciting.


That’s so good! Did you book the tour long ago… Or just recently? I booked it last week. Nothing like a spontaneous trip! :stuck_out_tongue: I’ll be travelling solo for the very first time… So I’m a bit nervous, but excited at the same time! :slight_smile:


I’m the same I only booked last week and I am also travelling solo. You’ll be fine when I have gone on other tours solo most other people have been travelling on their own as well. I arrive in Auckland on Friday night the 9th and am flying from Sydney airport. How about you? :slight_smile:


Cool. I fly from Sydney to Auckland on the 11th. I kind of wish I was flying the day before so I could visit hot beach. You have many plans on your extra couple of days in Auckland?


I’m catching up with a friend I met in America when I did Contiki USA that lives in Auckland but other than that I am not too sure. I want to see the Skytower in Auckland and do some shopping lol. I hadn’t heard of hot beach so I just googled it and it looks awesome!


The Skytower is also on my list of places to visit. Do you need to pre-book? I’m staying next door to it :slight_smile:


Cool, No you don’t need to pre-book the skytower that I know of and it is open till 10pmduring the winter months. I might check out the casino while I am there.


Hey, I’m also on the northern explorer on the 12th! Doing the rock the boat trip on the first night as well :slight_smile:


You going to jump from the Skytower or do the Skywalk? :slight_smile:


Guess we’ll all meet up together then! :slight_smile:


Hey! I’ve just booked this tour today during my work lunch break haha so excited🙌 2 more weeks


Haha! Very Spontaneous!
Everyone should download the topdeck app… then we could start a group chat :slight_smile:


So far only two people on the app for the northern explorer tour on the 12th. App seems to be a bit temperamental!


Oh bummer… i would’ve thought that all the different tours part of the grand kiwi tour would have those people added to the same chat.


Yeah sucks! So far connected with one person on Facebook :slight_smile: guess it’ll be a surprise until we get there haha


Not as this stage lol. It is forcast to rain on Saturday with scattered showers on the Sunday. I picked up my itenary etc from the travel agent yesterday and she said there are about 30 people booked in so far for the Northern Explorer. :grinning:


Hi to the other people that have joined the forum :grinning: