Grand Kiwi 11th May 2017


Hey, I’m travelling solo on the Grand Kiwi tour starting on 11th May 2017
If anyone else is booked onto this, give me a shout :slight_smile:


Hey, I am also doing the same travelling solo! :smile:


Hey Becky :slight_smile: so excited!! Where are you travelling from?


Me too I can’t wait! I’m coming from the North of England but will be flying to NZ from Bali :slight_smile: how about you??


Ahh Bali looks amazing :heart_eyes: I’m from England too! But I’m flying from Fiji


Wow I’ve heard Fiji is amazing! Have you heard of any others going on this trip yet or is it just us two so far?! :smile:


I asked Topdeck how many people are on this tour a while ago and they said 9, but there’s probably more people booked on by now :slight_smile:


Oooooh fab! Have you got the app? There’s a chat section on there but there doesn’t seem to be anyone on it yet?


Yeah I’ve got the app but haven’t actually used it haha. I’ve just messaged on it to see if the chat works x