Grand kiwi 11th July ex Christchurch


Hi ! anyone on this tour with me? :slight_smile:


Hey, I’m Joe. I’m doing the kiwi encounter but I start on the 11 th from Christchurch too :smiley:


Hi joe ! I think a a lot of the trips join up so may see you at some point :slight_smile:


Yeah I think our trips are pretty much the same, apart from grand kiwi having a few days extra. Are you travelling on your own or with friends? :slight_smile:


I’m traveling on my own from the UK how about you ? :smiley:


Me too!


Nice hopfully see you there !


Im a solo traveller aswell and doing the Pure Adrenalin which is also part of this trip :slight_smile:
Cant wait, not long now!!


Hi where does your trip start ? Look forward to meeting you all not long to go now :slight_smile: