Grand Kiwi - 1-17 FEB 2017


Is anyone else on this tour? I’m travelling solo and would love to know some fellow NZ explorers before it kicks off. :slight_smile:

My IG is @katenevs Please say hi!



Hey i’m on this tour aswell!
Im travelling solo from Melbourne, Australia :slight_smile: glad to know i’m not alone haha
where are you from?? Im super excited to go and to meet everyone!


Hi! I’m on this tour as well. I’m from Shepparton, Australia, and I’m also travelling solo. I can’t wait to meet everyone :slight_smile:



I’m from Sydney! 7 days to go. :slight_smile:


Do you two have the topdeck app? I’ve found it very handy to have so far, although, I’ve made a post in the discussion section within the app with no other responses. I’m not sure if I’m doing something wrong or if nobody else on our tour has it haha.

When are you heading to Auckland, @kateeee? :slight_smile: