Grand Kiwi 02/04/2010


Hay, Im booked onto this trip!! so exciting only 4 weeks to go! Just wondered if anyone on here is due to go!

Hayley xxxxx :slight_smile:


Hey I am doing this tour too!! I cant believe how near it is! when are you arriving in New Zealand? Freya xxx


hay, i know it is so exciting!! I get there the day before on the 1st April. How about you? xx


yeh me too. have you met anyone else who might be going on it? Are you travelling alone? I am. I did another tour of the east coast of Australia in January and it was the best experience! x


yep im doing it on my own too, you are the first person i have spoken too who is on the same one, its nice to speak to someone else doing it on there own!! friends have done similar trips so it gave me the confidence to do it as well. x


are you on facebook? if you want to add me i am under freya cunningham!!
have a good weekend! x



Im also going on this tour alone, landing in Auckland on the 1st April on facebook- Katherine Porter


Hey i tried to find you on facebook but there are quite a few i am under freya cunningham. where are you staying in Auckland? x


cool, im hayley uphill, i think im the only one on fb! x


Im staying in Nomads Fusion where the tour starts from


Where are you both staying?


im in the YHA Auckland city, altho wish i was staying in nomads but could only see find a 6-8 bed dorm and i thought it would be better staying in a smaller dorm after a 25 hour flight! x


I’m going on the same trip and I’m staying at Normads fusion from march 31 to april 2. I’m traveling alone and I will be flying from Denmark to London tomorrow and then to Thailand, Sydney and then NZ. Maybe we will meet at the hotel before departure…