Grand European :)


Hey Everyone! MY best friend and i just paid our deposits for this trip and wanted to see if anyone else was as excited as us :slight_smile:


Hi! What date are you leaving? I just booked flights to London today, and am booking on to the tour thats going on 3rd April :slight_smile:


Hey, we are booked in to depart 9th of July so we will miss you by a few months! have a blast though!!


thanks, you guys too! its gunna be wicked good!


Hey Amy & Kate,

Trying to search for people doing the Grand European leaving london on the 10th of July.
Is this the one you two are going? I see this tour only departs on the 7th or 10th and you say you are on the 9th of July?

Ashley :slight_smile:


Hi There i got my Date’s mixed up! we are departing on the 7th :frowning:


Hi Amy and Kate, I’m doing this tour leaving the same date! So excited I’ve finally found people doing it! Are you guys staying at the clink the night before? Im traveling solo so would be good to know someone else :slight_smile:


Hi Sam OMG im so excited to have found some one doing it too!! No i dont think we will be there the night before i am staying with a friend in London for a week before the tour :slight_smile:
Where are you from? and what are you doing after the tour?


Oh cool well we’ll just have to meet up bright and early the day of the tour! I’m from the gold coast where are you guys from?
I fly to Europe on the 24th of June then spending a bit of time in Hungary. Then after the tour, I’ll be in London or a week watchin my boyfriend race then back to aus in the 13th August. What are your plans over there?


Hi Tina,
i know this is a long shot but are you booked on the Grand Euro for 3/4 departure?
cheers bec :slight_smile:


We fly to Europe on the 28th Spend a week with a friend that lives in London then meet up for the tour. After that we have 5 days to do what ever we want and then need to be in Athens on the 9th of August for our Greek Island Hopper tour! after that we have another 5 days then fly home. We live in Darwin but are both from ADelaide originally. What kind of racing does your BF do??


Sorry it took me so long to write back I haven’t been on here in a whole! Your trip sounds awesome! I really wanted to stay and do Croatia sailing and the Greek islands but had to get back for Uni. My boyfriends does flatwater kayaking so we’ll get bac to London just in time for the second week of the games so I can go see him! So excited! It’s coming up so fast!!


I really wanted to do the sailing too but we are going to stay with a friend in greece instead. feel free to add me on facebook :slight_smile: only 85 days until i go on my holiday now :slight_smile: