Grand European



It seems that everyone out there is doing every tour but this one. Anyone out there doing this tour?


I am!!..10th May though. How about you?


Ohh so soon! I’m doing the one on the 7th of june. How long you in Europe for?



I’m going on this tour, 12 July!! Can’t wait!



17th May!


Im doing this tour on the 14th june!


heey we are doing this 4 oct ! then living in london


26th july!! :slight_smile:


Hells Yeah!!!
26th July…its gonna be epic!


28th June! Not long now :slight_smile:


5th July - 1 august 2011 CAN NOT WAIT! :slight_smile:

anyone else on this one?? not many people doing this, pretty sure we are going to all the best places!!


Hey Wesley,
am on your tour - 5 July! will be rolling into the accommodation afternoon before to hopefully say hi to a few people on the tour.
can talk before, or see you there.