Grand European


This is def one of the best tours in the book…im not just saying that, but because ive also driven 5 of them…get to see some awesome places (Barcelona, Nice, Monaco, Austria, Prague, and not to mention Croatia …beach party central)…but its also covers alot of countries as well…;D


Hi mishmush,

I am also doing the Grand European though a bit earlier than u. Mine is on 25th May- 21 June.

Have not heard of many pple doing this tour yet?

JO :slight_smile:


Any tips Mr Bus driver???


Hostels are pretty cool on this trip…close to everything as well…save ur money for the big options like ski diving over the Swiss Alps., gondola rides, Vatican tours…

check out (Croatia stop over)if ur into ur beach Dance parties…Tiesto, Armen Van Burren just to name a few…Cant always guarantee we will be there for the shows but u might be able to schedule ur trip around it if ur interested.

Travel light, always plenty of shopping to do…especially in Prague , Amsterdam, Berlin, Barcelona… :wink:
i could go on forever but just think simple…ur bag shouldn’t weigh more than 12-18kg if ur just doing the tour…ur gonna need more room for souvenirs and shopping…hahahaha


Right I’ve finally made up my mind, May 18 - who’s with me??
Anyone at all???