Grand European + Working Holiday Dep. May2012


Hi Everyone

I’m a newbie traveller (mid 20s)and have wanted to travel Europe for years but only recently worked up the courage to finally plan a trip. I’ve been agonising over tones of brochures and trip routes and have settled on the Topdeck 28 day Grand European - departing May 3/May 17, 2012. Both flights and tour are not yet booked.

If all goes well I would also like to stay on in the UK and do a working holiday, until September 2012. Taking short breaks and attending festivals such as La Tomatina and Ocktoberfest, in between. I’m also interested in attending at least one music festival.

I will be travelling solo for the first time, so I’m looking to get in touch with other travellers who are planning similar travel.

Any helpful tips from experienced travellers would also be appreciated.

Apprehensive but excited,
Destiny :slight_smile:


Hey your totally doing what I want to do as well!! I’m also going to do it solo… which im seriously nervous about! :slight_smile: I see your from Australia, Im from New Zealand.


I’ve just booked flights and planning on doing the trip that goes 3rd April, also plan on spending a bit longer over in UK/Europe afterwards so keen on meeting up with anyone I can as I will be traveling alone at this stage!


Hey im doing exactly the same thing :smiley: but i’m doing the European Unplugged starting on the 24th of May then hoping to live and work in London (or somewhere in England) for 6 or so months. Im from New Zealand and will be travelling solo. Wanting to meet some travel buddies :smiley:



Hey, also frm NZ & going solo.

I’mgoing to do European Pioneer then Britain & Ireland, then just winging it around the UK - possibly staying to work (depend how low funds get…).

Dont have anything booked yet but am probably looking at tours starting around mid april or may-ish.

Having a reunion in Amsterdam with all my travel buddies I met on my Australian Topdeck tour so dates are all dependent on sometime about 25 of us can agree on!


Hi Destiny,
I’m also travelling solo next year.
I have booked to go on the 10 day Greece Hopper tour dep 25th July and then hopping off and going on the Russia Scandi tour straight after.

I did the 20day European Getaway last year and LOVED it!! I totally recommend it… I meet some many awesome people.

I am also planning on heading to UK and working after my trip wraps up in Berlin at the end of August.

My sister lived in London for a few years when she was my age and totally recommends it, everyone that I have spoken too says live there… I think its a great choice… keep your options open, you may actually like it and want to stay.

One thing that I might want to bring to your attention, don’t forget come Sep it starts to get cold in UK so keep that in mind, I know the Olympics are on but you also want to keep in mind of the weather, its always better to travel/party in med to hot weather as I am told that if you can survive a winter in UK you can do anything.

Where abouts in Australia do you live? I live in Sydney.

If you want to chat more add me on FB…

I’m planning on living in Fulham/Chapman when I settle down and get a job.

I have been doing so much research its not funny… yet so excited :slight_smile:

Just like you its something that I have been thinking about for some time now.

Speak soon
Amanda :slight_smile:


Hi guys my hubby and I are doing similar. We leave end of march from Sydney and do a topdeck from April 5th for two weeks then hoping to stay in UK for a year maybe. Should be amazing. I have also done a topdeck tour four years ago and it was sone of the most fun I have ever had :b


Hey guys
I am looking at doing something simular. I will be in London on April 19, still undecided on what tour I want to do though, any suggestions?
I am also wanting to stay over there & travel some more & work. Would love to hear from people wanting to do something simular.

Im doing it solo & am quite nervous! Im from Australia also.


I’ve been living in Edinburgh for the past few months but am moving down to London in May as well, doin the Grand European in April :slight_smile:

(from NZ)


Just some advice, UK has bad employment market at the moment so it may take you a while to get into things and what you want to do. Best of luck though, UK is full of history and vibrant atmosphere in and around the major cities :slight_smile:

As some have said, the weather in the UK can get extremely bitter and thermals/warm clothing would be recommended.


Hi guys I’m looking at doing something similar nut in September, I’m doing the summer fun and sailing tour on the 7th sept then when I get back I’m thinking either live in bar work or going back to hairdressing and doing shares accomidation how far in advance did everyone find a place to live and a job I’m to scared to wind up jobless over there so I want to be organized


Hey I’m doing that too,

I’m going on the grand european departing 8th may and then plannng on working in Uk once i get back.

Where in Aus you from?


Hey, I’m doing a similar thing minus the working! doing the grand european on the 26th June then doing UK and Britain tour on the 29th July and staying in England for a while afterwards travelling solo! Im going to La Tomatina festival as well as Oktoberfest and flying back home from Munich after that!

Pretty excited, completely sick of working now saving up money to go though!