Grand European vs Summer Sun & Sailing


Hi All,

I’ve decided to go on either the Grand European tour or Summer Fun and Sailing tour in July 2011.

However, I can’t decided which tour to choose. My friend loved the sailing tour last summer but wish she had more time in Croatia and it’s party islands (which the Grand European tour visits). Although, after sailing with Topdeck in Australia part of me would like to do the sailing tour.

Can anyone give me advice on which countries they loved and which countries they wouldn’t return to on these two tours?
This may help me decide.

Thanks :slight_smile:

xx Helen xx


I had the same choice and decide to do the Grand European.
Why…I hear the sailing is a little cramped and can get uncomfortable. But it was something I wanted to do.



Do you think you made the right decision? What were your highlights of the tour? Hope you had a great time! x


Im doing grand european july 12! cant wait for it :slight_smile:


Hey Helen,
I was tossing up between those two tours as well…but ended up going with the summer fun and sailing trip. I really liked the idea of sailing plus I wanted to do a bit more travelling in Eastern Europe - like Dubrovnik and Zadar, and Tirana. I figure I’ll go to Spain at another time (which was the only reason I liked the grand european) as I’ll be living in London for two years - plenty of time :slight_smile:

let us know which tour you choose!


These are the 2 tours that I was tossing up between too. I THINK I have decided to go with the summer fun + sailing because I think the idea of a sailing leg sounds amazing.
Like you NatalieS I plan to spend some time in Spain at another time and I have checked out the Croatian sailing tour because I hear it is amazing!


We picked Summer Fun & Sailing, as we have a week of spare time before our Tour, so we are doing Spain on our own. I imagine sailing in Greece would be one of the best experiences, even if it is a bit cramped! :slight_smile: ;D
Personal choice though :-[