Grand European vs summer fun & sailing July/August


Hey there!
I am considering doing solo travel to Europe in July or August this year as my travel buddy bailed. I have been looking at grand European and summer fun & sailing tours. Is there anyone else that is booked on these trips in July or August? Let me know, would love to find anyone out there as I am freaking out about traveling solo :smile:


Hey! I am looking at doing the Grand European tour from June 28th to Jully 25th 2016. I am also traveling solo and am freaking out! :slight_smile:


Awesome that will be good! It’s exciting and I know it would be very rewarding but makes me a little nervous haha!!


Hi! I am doing the Europe Summer Fun & Sailing from the 8th of July and also travelling solo! Never travelled solo before… so I’m excited/nervous! I’m 26 from NSW Central Coast.


Ahhh I am so torn which tour to do!! Yes traveling solo has me freaking out but I think it will be so worth it :slight_smile: it’s so a long fight though :frowning: that’s all I am dreading!


Yes! I’m dreading that also - I HATE flying :frowning: Have you decided on your trip yet?


@Cassie_Kennedy yes I have booked in for the Grand European leaving London July 19! Super excited but nervous too haha.