Grand European Tour


We are thinking of going on the Grand European next year.[br][br]Thank you in advance for answering my questions.[br][br]Are there many couples on this type of tour?[br]And do they get to share cabins/ bungalows ect? Doesn’t matter if its with other couples?[br]Did you get a choice of going White Water Rafting in Austria because that is somtheing we would really like to do?[br]And did it seem people didnt want to go out drinkinig because they had picked the cheaper tour and didnt have enough money?[br][br]Thank you for your answers.


Hi laura.[br][br]I’m doing part of this tour in a few weeks. I’m going with my partner. I’ve been told that we should be able to have a room together, and that they try and accommodate couples… But I think we will have to share a room. [br][br]You can see all of the optional extra’s on the description of the tour, its a PDF down the bottem right hand corner. [br][br]Also, we have no intention of not going out drinking because of lack of money. We chose this tour as it visits all the places we want to see, not because of the price of it. I also know that Topdeck has a reputation of not being anywhere near as crazy as Contiki…